Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition rules issues

8th edition Warhammer 40,000 is out and it looks really fun! Of course there’s a number of rules issues and that’s where this page comes in. Here I’ve put together a list of questions that I have emailed the GW FAQ team (gamefaqs@gwplc.com).

Note: due to the amount of spam my blog is getting, I may have to lock this thread down, but I hope not.



Q) Several datasheets list one unit size, but the points values table lists another. For example, Tyrant Guard are 3-6 on the datasheet, but 1-3 at the back and Deathwatch bikers are 3-6 on the datasheet and 1-5 at the back. Does this simply mean that open and narrative play use the datasheet, while matched play uses the ‘models per unit’ values at the back?

Q) How exactly is line of sight done now? Can a model shoot from foot to wing-tip and other interesting situations? Can a model draw line of sight through the legs of an enemy model in order to shoot a unit behind that model?

Q) If a unit charges from 10″ away, does this mean that weapons can only fire if their range is 10″ or more?

Q) BRB page 242 says “if you are using points” you must pay for the minimum number of models, however it doesn’t specify if that’s power points or match play points. Xenos 2 index page 126 indicates you can have one unit that’s undersized and you only pay for the models. If I’m playing matched play, what’s the correct rule regarding paying points for undersized units?




Q) If a unit can fire twice, for example Exocrine and Tyrannofex, how exactly does this work? Does the unit shoot once, and then get to select any target (including the first) and shoot a second time? Or does the unit have to fire twice at the same target?

Q) If a Tyrannofex is using a Rupture cannon and both shots hit, can two separate models be killed by the shots at -4 AP and D6 damage?

Q) The Sporocyst datasheet lists Spore node on the table, but it’s not listed as a weapon and there’s no points value. Should we assume it’s a 0-point weapon for the Sporocyst?

Q) Tyranid warriors can take spinefists, but there’s no points value listed at the back. How much do they cost for Tyranid warriors?

Q) If a unit is out of Synapse and the closest enemy unit is engaged, does this prevent that unit from shooting?

Q) Does Onslaught allow a Mawloc to charge in the turn it uses Terror from the Deep?

Q) Why did Brainleech Devourers not double their number of Attacks when almost all other twin-linked weapons doubled their number of Attacks? Seeing it’s only 1 damage, it could have kept had 6 attacks per gun, but now it’s utterly terrible.

Q) The Tervigon datasheet shows Massive crushing claws has 3 AP, but the summary at the back shows -3. Is -3 correct?

Q) Does Old One Eye’s Alpha Leader improve all units with the Carnifex keyword, including itself and Stone crusher carnifexes, or does it only buff the ‘Carnifexes’ entry on page 104 of the index?

Q) The Trygon pays 60 points for having three pairs of Massive scything talons, while the Tervigon and Maleceptor pay 22 points for having a single pair. This seems like a lot of points for a single bonus attack. Many people believe that each pair grants an extra attack. What’s the correct interpretation? If the only benefit is one single attack, why are they so expensive?

Q) Are the Monstrous rending claws meant to be free for Hive Tyrants?

Q) If a unit says “It can also fire stinger salvoes” is this an optional or a compulsory weapon?

Q) If a unit of Biovores are charged and they create spore mines, can this potentially make the charge impossible as the units cannot charge through the spore mines?

Q) The Mawloc’s datasheet doesn’t say anything about Toxin sacs, but page 139 shows they can pay 1 point for them. Which is correct?

Q) The Mawloc’s rules allow it to inflict mortal wounds on a unit that can Fly. Is that correct?


Tyranids – Foregeworld

Q) The Malanthrope seems to protect models within 3″ when I believe it should protect units if any of their models are within 3″. Is that correct?

Q) The Malanthrope is worth 10 power, or 90 points. It seems like it should be 5 power and 90 points, or 10 power and 190 points. Can you please confirm what the correct values are?

Q) Dimachaeon’s graping talons and thorax spine-maw state that “each wound roll of 6+ made with the weapon is resolved at Strength x2 and Damage D6”. Doubling the strength after a 6 is rolled to wound doesn’t make sense. Should that rule be there? Or should that result be on a 6+ to hit?

Q) Stone crusher carnifexes have a weapon option Bio-flail, but its rules are confusing. Are those attacks meant to be free attacks that it makes in addition to its other attacks?

Q) Massive scything talons seems to be unsure if it’s a single talon, or a pair of talons. The Barbed Hierodule model has one pair of scythed talons, while the Scythed Hierodule model has two pairs. I believe the entries should be changed to a pair, the Barbed Hierodule should only have one pair and the Scythed  Hierodule should have two pairs. Other changes may be needed to other units.

Q) The Hierophant’s BS is 3. Should this be 3+?


Genestealer Cults

Q) Should the Purestrain Genestealers really be that much more expensive that the Tyranids Genestealers?



Q) Considering Acolytes are under 10 points, are they meant to have 3 Wounds each or is that a typo?

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