Genestealer Cults – Rules Issues and FAQ Predictions

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The Genestealer Cults (GSC) codex has come out and it’s really fun … but there’s a bunch of questions around the rules and how they should be interpreted! I always err on the side of caution, as I don’t want to annoy my friends and be cheap, but I’d like to know the official answers. Here I’ve put together a list of questions that I have emailed the GW FAQ team ( I’m also putting down my own predictions as to their answers! They will also serve as my list of house rules for the GSC.

Q = Question
P = Predicted answer


Cult Ambush

This rule allows units to arrive in various ways, but the rule is confusing due to its wording.

It seems like infiltrating units and units in reserve operate in the same fashion, and obey the Reserve rules and cannot move any further in the turn they arrive. But that doesn’t quite make sense, as infiltrating units deploy during the deployment phase, instead of during a turn.

It’s also unclear about Cult Ambush and when the models count as moving or being stationary. This is mainly for shooting heavy weapons and will greatly affect the deployment of Neophyte Hybrids.

Q) When using Cult Ambush to deploy several units, do you pick one unit, roll the D6, deploy the unit, pick another unit and repeat the same steps until finished? Or do you roll a D6 for every unit and then deploy the units in whichever order you like?
P) Pick one unit, roll the D6, deploy the unit, pick another unit and repeat the same steps until finished.

Q) Cult Ambush says the unit “cannot move any further during the Movement phase of the turn they deploy or arrive on the battlefield.” and it also refers to Reserve and Infiltrate rules. When infiltrating, it’s during deployment instead of during a turn. This indicates that a unit infiltrating using Cult Ambush during deployment can still move in turn 1, while a unit arriving at the start of a turn cannot move any further during that turn. Is that correct?
P) Yes.

Q) When using Cult Ambush to deploy, it’s unclear when the unit counts as moving, for the purpose of firing snap shots with heavy weapons. If Cult Ambush is used to infiltrate are they stationary, but if deploying during the game do they count as moving? Or do results 1 and 2 count as moving and the rest count as being stationary? Please clarify.
P) If Cult Ambush is used to infiltrate during deployment, the models are counted as being stationary. If Cult Ambush is used to arrive at the start of a turn, the models count as having moved.

Q) If a unit is Infiltrating using Cult Ambush and rolls a “5” on the table, can it make the shooting attack even though it’s the deployment phase?
P) Yes.

Q) If a unit has Infiltrate and is using Cult Ambush to deploy, it’s not using Infiltrate as such. Does this mean it can charge in the first turn?
P) No.

Q) How does the Cult Ambush rule work with Inquisitor Coteaz’s I’ve Been Expecting You rule, or with a weapon with the Interceptor rule? Can those special rules be used at all? If so, do they work during the deployment phase if units use Cult Ambush to Infiltrate? Or do those special rules only work during a game turn, when units arrive from Reserves at the start of a turn?
P) I’ve Been Expecting You and Interceptor rules work during any turn that a unit uses Cult Ambush to arrive, but it doesn’t work during the deployment phase.


Return to the Shadows

Q) How does Return to the Shadows work with a unit that is Falling Back? Can the unit RTTS even if it’s Falling Back? Or would the unit roll, and if it passes the test can it then RTTS? Or can a unit that is Falling Back simply not use RTTS that turn? If units can automatically RTTS without rolling, can a unit with under 25% models still do so?
P) If a unit is Falling Back, it cannot use Return to the Shadows that turn, and must instead roll to regroup as normal.


An Uprising Generations in the Making

Q) When an army includes a Cult Insurrection Detachment, does the “add 1 to all your Reserves Rolls” affect friendly units that have a different faction, e.g. if a Mawloc is included in the same army?
P) Yes.


Numbers Beyond Counting

This rule is in the Cult Insurrection Detachment. It allows models in the unit to come back to life if the unit arrives from Ongoing Reserves. Essentially, if a unit has taken casualties and uses the Return to the Shadows special rule, then redeploys using Cult Ambush, it gets to replace D6 models that died earlier. The wording is vague, so it leaves us to assume a number of things.

Q) Numbers Beyond Counting doesn’t state which models are brought back to life. I believe it means any D6 models of the controlling player’s choosing, which must have been originally purchased as part of the unit. Is that correct?
P) Yes.

Q) The Numbers Beyond Counting rule doesn’t mention Independent Characters that have joined units. Can they be brought back to life? How does this rule work with the Broodcoven that are functioning as a separate unit? What about a Broodcoven that have joined another unit?
P) Numbers Beyond Counting can never bring back Independent Characters.



Q) The Unit Type entry for the Chimera doesn’t state it’s a Tank, but the Profiles page at the back shows it is a Tank. It should be a Tank, correct?
P) Yes.


Purestrain Genestealers and Broodcoven

Q) The Purestrain Genestealers can only be joined by a Patriarch. Does this mean that the Broodcoven cannot join a unit of Purestrain Genestealers?
P) Yes.

Q) The Lords of the Brood special rule says “The three models of a Broodcoven must be deployed as a single unit. They can still join friendly units…” When deploying the Broodcoven, must it be deployed as a separate unit which can then join another unit during the game? Or during deployment, can the Broodcoven be attached to another unit and then deployed with that unit?


Subterranean Uprising

Q) If a unit in the Subterranean Uprising formation is joined by a Patriarch or Magus who is not from the formation, are they still able to roll 2D6 when using Cult Ambush?
P) No.

Q) If a unit in the Subterranean Uprising formation is joined by a Broodcoven, does this mean they can still roll 3D6 when using Cult Ambush, as a Primus is in the unit?
P) Yes.

Q) If the Primus from Subterranean Uprising joins a unit who is not from Subterranean Uprising, do they only roll 1D6 when using Cult Ambush, or 2D6 or 3D6?
P) 1D6.


Genestealer Familiar

Q) Does the Genestealer Familiar get any bonuses that the character gets, e.g. Furious Charge, Hatred, etc?
P) No.

Q) Does the Genestealer Familiar attack with the character’s Weapon Skill and Attacks?
P) Yes.


The First Curse

Q) The First Curse gets the Strange Mutations roll, which states it applies to the unit of Purestrain Genestealers. Does it also apply to the Patriarch?
P) No.


Might from Beyond and Heavy Rock Saw

Q) The Might from Beyond psychic power states that the friendly unit “adds 1 to their Strength characteristic”. Does this mean that a model with Might from beyond and a Heavy Rock Saw has 5 Strength on their profile and thus doubles to 10 Strength when attacking using the Heavy Rock Saw?
P) No, the model would have Strength 9 when attacking with the Heavy Rock Saw.

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